Our “Why”

Aiming for that perfect, flawless skin, aren’t you? ;)

Well, we have two things to tell you:

Perfect skin is a myth. Healthier skin is a much better goal to focus on.
Be it acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, or whatever is the center of attention in your skincare journey - we’ve been there!

Tell us - does the following sound familiar?

Tried too many products at once out of frustration? - developed dehydrated, sensitized skin;
Tried ridiculously expensive treatments? - lost track of money and spent way too much;
Tried hiding pimples under layers of makeup? - became even more anxious and self-conscious;
Opened millions of skincare bottles/packs at once? - lost track of expiration dates and had no idea what worked and what made your skin worse;
Changed products too often? - no consistency, no scheduled routine, didn’t give time for a product to work, didn’t have the faintest idea which ingredients are good and bad for the skin;
Lacked a trustworthy source of information? - hopped on every trend bandwagon, tried things because of fancy marketing and fear mongering, not always based on knowledge and research?

To help resolve some of those issues our first idea was to make

a product tracker

You input what you’ve used, which ingredients are in it, when you opened it, when it expires and your notes,
to keep you organized and consistent.

Now though, a few years later, we decided to team up and make Gotham safer the world a better place (Batman references, anyone?). Being also programmers, Halina & Andrew gathered a group of incredibly talented people to undertake a project which has a concrete purpose to it - assisting people in resolving specific problems they may have in their everyday life.

We felt so inspired that we came up with much more advanced app features beyond product tracking that a skincare lover could find ridiculously useful. We’re very excited to apply all the awesome ideas we’ve presented and implement all the technical challenges of this project, and even more excited to present you with

the most useful
skincare app ever

Our fantastic team

Halina Kopanska

Co-Founder, Mobile Software Developer, Esthetician

Andrew Munkácsi

Co-Founder, Web Developer, Flutter Software Developer

Steven Munkácsi

Flutter & Android Software Developer

Dominika Para

QA Engineer & Product DB Manager

Jakub Sroka

UI/UX Designer
“It takes time to resolve specific skin concerns and learn to maintain #skinhealth over time. We sincerely hope that with our tool you will be able to achieve your #skingoals much quicker!”
- Halina & Andrew, Founders of FeelinMySkin