Mobile app that helps you to:

  • Plan & stay consistent with your *not only* skincare routines
  • Track product usage & expirations, analyze reviews
  • Organize your skincare collection into lists for easy search
  • Keep a journal to monitor skin & lifestyle changes
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Our Mission

Skincare can get overwhelming with the number of products available, information overload, and the many steps sometimes required in a truly awesome skincare routine.

With FeelinMySkin mobile app we aim to assist skincare enthusiasts in the:

  • managing routines and #skincycling
  • tracking product usage history, expiration dates and allergies - learning ingredients
  • learning ingredients
  • staying consistent with reminders
  • finding like-minded people and skincare experts
  • sharing knowledge and learning the ins and outs of skin biology & care.

Make your health your priority - you may as well start with your largest organ — the skin ❤️



What products to use, when and how often - delegate your routine to us and we’ll remind you the specifics via routine summary and notifications.

Ditch the stress & confusion of over- or under-doing skincare - stay consistent and keep track of what works for you and what doesn’t.



Track how long a product lasts and make sure you’re not applying the expired ones, learn about ingredients and their purpose.

Explore products via our app - read structured reviews, see what others use in their routines, create and share product lists, mark products as favorites or add them to a wishlist.


Build up the community

Engage in a community eager to understand skincare and share knowledge.

Analyze reviews, build and share customized routines for friends and clients, ask questions, and remember to always feel good in your own skin.


Keep a

Track how your skin changes over time - take & compare photos from different days, log your mood, period, sleep, exercise patterns and see if there are any relations between them.

With patience, consistency and eagerness to learn you can have the best skin of your life. The FeelinMySkin app is here to assist you with your skin health and care.
We motivate and encourage you to achieve your personal #skingoals with our help and a community of like-minded skincare lovers.
Simplify, automate & organize your skincare practice.
Let the app do all the math and you - just
enjoy it